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DAVIE, Fla., March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Grail Technology Corp (OTC: GOGY; “Golden Grail” or the “Company”), a technology and software solutions provider to companies with unique value propositions operating in mass market consumer sectors, today announced that its proprietary methodology, referred to as Rapid eCommerce Deployment (ReD), is proving highly effective with the Company’s latest eCommerce ventures, even increasing the efficiency of deployment. Developed by a team of technology and eCommerce marketing experts, Rapid eCommerce Deployment (ReD) methodology combines people, processes and technology vendors to expedite the opportunity to bring a product to market in the eCommerce world.

Experts from a technology strategy consulting firm with extensive backgrounds in eCommerce marketing were hired to create an efficient, cost-effective business model for Golden Grail Technology. Their business model combines the best in breed expertise and solutions in areas of design, build, Pay per click marketing, and operations, resulting in a highly skilled group able to deliver results at a reduced cost due to efficiency.

The results of this efficiency are already being realized.  The first portfolio business and eCommerce venture took six months from concept to launch, which is half the time that other firms claimed the project would take to complete.  The second portfolio business and eCommerce venture took just three months from concept to launch – cutting development time in half.

The ReD methodology was created to take products that were traditionally brick-n-mortar-focused and bring them to the eCommerce world.  A significant number of products have difficulty making this transition due to the level of expertise needed to successfully make the jump to Internet sales.  The complexities and costs of turning up a professional web presence and the knowledge necessary to effectively market products in the eCommerce world have historically been a barrier that companies have a hard time overcoming.  Golden Grail Technology has set out to offer an environment where this can be done.

“With the help of our expert consultants and their Rapid eCommerce Deployment model, Golden Grail is able to bring some exciting products to the eCommerce world which may never have been able to get there without it. The processes and procedures are becoming much more efficient which is extremely promising. We hope to see similar efficiencies realized with the upcoming launch of our third venture in the coming weeks,” said Michael Brodsky, President of Golden Grail Technology.

Golden Grail’s diverse team of consultants bring extensive entrepreneurial expertise to the Company in all areas of business, but most notably, technology and growth strategies. Over their careers, collectively, the team has successfully founded and/or built a consulting start-up, a healthcare-related financial product company, a security technology company, and strategic advisory firm focused on eCommerce acceleration. From the entrepreneur to the turn-around consultant turned chief executive officer, the team behind Golden Grail’s business and eCommerce ventures is a reflection of Company and their mission: to work with only the best people, products and processes in the business to maximize business for all.

About Golden Grail Technology Corp
Golden Grail Technology Corp (OTC: GOGY) is a technology and software solutions provider to companies with unique value propositions operating in mass market consumer sectors such as jewelry, health and personal care, beauty, electronics, pet and animal supplies, sports and games. Golden Grail’s mission is to utilize their network of industry experts who specialize in targeting areas of business that can be accelerated with technology in order to give small companies an opportunity to compete with industry giants. Golden Grail is currently focusing on their e-commerce accelerating platform, which allows companies to enter digital markets quickly, economically and compete effectively with larger brands. eMarketer research projects U.S. e-commerce sales, a market valued at $225 billion in 2012, will grow to $434 billion by 2017, representing a CAGR of 14%. The Company’s flexible, revenue-share business model provides quick market entry and diversification with a low overhead – working to minimize risk and maximize investment return.

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